Dual penetration for mommy, bad Lois

Lois Brutal Fuck
Peter comes home a little frustrated from mr. weeds constant gay advancements. Tired of someone trying to fuck his ass all day he calls Lois in and she offers to be his submissive little slut so he can deal with the stress.

Brian looks a little jealous

Peter Fucks Meg
Peter like to take advantage of his horny lonely daughter from time to time. Lets face it, Megs not getting a whole lotta cock from the boys at school though honestly I don’t see why.

Daddy likes it dirty Meg don’t miss a drop

Meg Peter sex
When mommy isn’t home Meg has quite the time being daddy’s favorite little girl. Her lips wrap around his veiny thick cock and she teases his nose and mouth with her dripping wet pussy and clean tight asshole.

Giddy up! Peter likes It anal

Lois Pussy Licking
I’ve been a bad pony Lois he says as she slides the greasy whip up his ass and licks his balls and taint to make it a more enjoyable experience. In her nasally come fuck me voice she begs “come eat my pussy little pony”… ohh… My little pony indeed.

Meg and Lois fingerfucking

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More afterschool delight as Meg and Lois take turns fingerfucking and eating one anothers juicy delicious cunt. If Peter or Chris comes home to find this action one can only hope they would be smart enough to Join in.

Playtime takes a nasty new twist

Lois Anal Sex
We all know how much Stewie hates his mommy. So a little bondage and cock domination with Brian makes a lot of sense. If you can’t punish her for being the blasted infernal iron fisted ruler of your world by slapping her in the face with your cock then what good is being an evil genius?

Lois anally rides cock

Lois Anally Rides cock
Backdoor delight for Lois as she straddles Peters fat cock and slips her lubed butthole slowly down his throbbing rod. His fingers find her swollen clit and slippery wet pussy and while she slides up and down he fingers her quickly making sure she has a nice long orgasm while he nuts in her ass.

Centerfold Lois is so much more than softcore

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She looks innocent doesn’t she. Perky tits, clean well groomed asshole and pussy, ruby red lips and come fuck me eyes. But beneath the surface this seething housewife sexpot likes it rough and dirty. No cock is too big and she likes It double stuffed in her ass and her pussy at the same time. Bukakke orgies are a Quahog specialty and Lois is the reason why.

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Lois is more of an Anal type of gal, but Peter occasionally likes a little pussy action to go with his backdoor loving. And with that scorching red fire crotch spread out in front of you how could any man really resist dipping his pole in for a quick pump n dump. Lois obviously doesn’t mind at all, shes always wet and always ready for Peter’s massive hog.

Meg takes Peter around the world

Griffins BDSM
The safe word is Bananas. Like mother like daughter Meg gets here dominant sensibilities from often leather clad Lois and Peter is more than happy to indulge her rough top fantasies. A vibe in his ass, a gag in his mouth, bound and beaten bloody and he loves it. Prostate milking? Yes please master Meg!!

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