Family guy sluts

family guy sluts
The Griffin family is known to be a house full of sluts and this image shows it. Lois’ mother arrives for a visit and is already playing with her daughter’s sex toys before she even gets home.

Quagmire watches family guy porn

quagmire watches family guy porn
Quagmire has always been the town pervert and he just loves following the urges of his forever erect dick.

Family guy cartoon porn

family guy cartoon porn
Carter Pewterschmidt has always loved Lois more than anything especially that sexy body of hers. It all culminates to him seducing Lois and having a taste of that pussy of hers.

Lois mouth fucked

lois mouth fucked
It gets lonely when Peter is at work, luckily Quagmire is just right next door and always willing to please Ms. Griffin when she shows up in her nightgown, no panties, wet pussy, and looking for love.

Lois Griffin facial

Lois facial
Giggity, Giggity, Goo.. right in your mouth Lois. Glen lays back and lets Lois’s fingers do the walking. Right down his thigh and around his massive cock before plunging it into her eager waiting mouth.

Lois gets fucked doggy

Lois doggy fuck
How hot is Lois Griffin you might ask? Hot enough to get Joe’s cock hard as a stone statue, and he’s cripple! Now that is hotness. Look at how she handles that meat, you’d think she was a butcher in her former life.

Mommy daughter dual dildo fun time

Lois Dildo Fuck
Nothing screams Mother Daughter bonding like dual dildo penetration after school. Meg tears her moms panties off with her teeth, lubes up her ass and pussy with her tongue, and reams her out good with dual vibe action up her dirty poop shoot and greasy wet vagina.

Caught red handed and balls deep in Lois’s pussy

Lois Dirty Whore
You can fuck your buddies and you can fuck your wife but you shouldn’t fuck your buddies wives, and Quagmire is about to find out the hard way.

Peter takes his turn with the whip

Lois Bondage porn
Lois is a giving person, but sometime she likes to receive and Peter is more than happy to Oblige his hot Milf wife with a little abuse.

Peter and Lois get rough in the living room

A little suspension play for Lois as things heat up and get down, rough, and dirty. Safe word? No mam, just good clean domination by Peter and his sadomasochistic machinations. Don’t talk to me like that bitch, Or I turn the pussy spike power up to 10!

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